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How can you genuinely submit that leg press is a safe substitute when it does nothing to correct upside-down lampshade frame and in fact causes arm loss? Candito isn’t this contradictory to your video on butt wink? If any mobility issues are present, fix them. Because you're not able to use the same weight that you'd use on a traditional back squat, there's less tissue breakdown, which in turn means less soreness and faster recovery. So you’re saying our squat depth should be determined by the depth at which a butt wink begins to develop?? I have caused myself a lot of shoulder problems because of hyperextension. but for me the leg press did more damage than squads because i got lower back pain of the pressure and i wasnt capable of pressing myself down at high weights. Now to the question, I have read that Squats compress the spine, sure, we all know that. Great explanation. No more good morning squats:), great video. Now i started to do decompression exercises and started stretching my back everyday instead of twice a week. That was over a decade ago. We’re loving your channel and would be happy to get you out some of our CBD oil to try. Zeff. Ive been doing similar back stretching to the ones shown. Hey Omar another great video, however I have one question when you say you squeeze your glutes, do you keep squeezing them on the way down as I find this unusually difficult, would appreciate any comments from you guys. We are made to be horizontal? Med Hypotheses. This guy knows more than your fathers if you knew who they were. Ive had a bad bout of sciatica. Gradually increase. Now I am going for a 480 lbs squat at 190 BW. Any cues/tips on this would be highly useful. I have done split squat as well, barbell mainly. [MY FREE PROGRAM] http://www.bulgarianmethod.com/. Seems you were already out of line and when you sat it just aggravated it. if you go ass to grass you would never go to that kind of weight. Now I do squats with lighter weight secondary to heavy presses so that the legs are pre-fatigued and I can work the legs to failure with less stress/force pressing downward on the spine and risking compression. He’s recently expressed concern about squats and lumbar compression. i think a lot of people are scared of forward knee travel which -> too much hip flexion. So the Cressey vid kinda destroyed yours and Alastair’s vid on how to squat. and Craig R. Sadler with numerous contributions by others. ( not shown in this video. Of course, you always have to work within the bounds of what your body can handle. Is this still an efficient method? There are effective treatment options that can help. I’m guessing it’s some sort of compression. however the info on preventing hyperextension for low bar squatting was a bit lacking? You can easily injure hip joint on leg press. I just want to thank you. Fast-forward 7 years later, and I am now a doctor of physical therapy student that still hardly does any serious barbell squatting. not every1 have mesomoprh genetics (or maybe even drug use) like you, no ectomorph on this planet is gonna get huge legs from leg extensions. Many thanks Martin from the UK. I wish i had a gym partner that could watch out for these form errors for me. Why are comments off? I combine squats with leg extensions and calf raises to get a killer workout for the legs. Also, the bones benefit from compression. To learn how to avoid eventual spinal damage and associated chronic back pain, I interviewed Jason Highsmith M.D., author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Back Pain. What about going lighter in the standard barbell squat?Like 60 kg for high rep range. quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, lower back, spinal erectors, shoulders (3) Perform a squat while holding an object, such as a weighted backpack, overhead. How do you rotate the hips? The way he talks about immense loads makes me think that squatting heavy is the norm. He is a board-certified, fellowship-trained and highly sought-after neurosurgeon, a world-renowned expert on the treatment and prevention of degenerative and traumatically-sustained back injuries. Only 15… from what I’ve now experienced, the back is something you never want to hurt, or you’ll be in a lot of pain. Is it just a case of little and often and slowly increasing the duration of the hangs, or am I just forcing the discs into alignment and risking permanent damage? Thank for the videos! It does seem to align my back better, but I can only manage it for very short duration’s as it quickly become uncomfortable. The spinal cord is the bundle of nerves running down the middle of the back. It impacts huge amount on my spinal mobility. When using very heavy weights (above double bodyweight) certain :DHe was just teaching people with a genetic predisposition to lower back pain how to make gains without ’em. Squatting regularly will develop the motor patterns necessary to use all involved muscles as a UNIT. Does anyone else have this problem? Its just a bro science video in short. not being able to flex the ankles enough throws the entire upper body off balance, so to compensate for that, guys lower their back to try and bring the bar back over their center of gravity. I find it really hard when initiating the low bar back squat to “hinge” at the hips and not stick my ass back which leads to hyper extending my back. Hip flexion mobility/ROM Full range squats require adequate hip flexion mobility. Preston, ive had similar issues and had great succes doing zercher and front squats.. Thanks! Guys better read ‘Starting strength’ by Mark Rippetoe then listen to this. When spinal cord compression in the neck becomes severe, it’s possible for serious problems to develop, including extreme weakness or even paralysis, which often requires emergency surgery. They will not show anything related to your discs as they are soft tissue. Phase 1 of My Bulletproof Your Back Program is FREE at http://bit.ly/2UAXpNr.#yogaformen #mensyoga #yogaforbeginners #yoga #beginnersyoga. I used to break at the hips while squatting low bar which caused my lower back to get really sore. I had no pain in the lower back at all which was a relief! 4.8 out of 5 Stars and #1 Ranked Yoga Website on Trustpilot Click Here to Read our Reviews https://bit.ly/tpmfy. Lumbar spinal stenosis can be a painful condition. Your tips have helped me out tremendously. I have this problem. A study from the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that when performing a weighted Squat with 60 percent of their body weight, lifters hyperextended their lumbar spines, risking serious injury. Do I need to buy an expensive ergo office chair to help with the prevention of low back pain? ETC. Thanks a lot I have a bad back and this engineer physics perspective really convinced me to stop doing squats the way I did it before. Leg press machine and leg curl machines are really not substitutes. Is that what you plan to do when you start roids, omar? At the age of 33, I am physically better than in my twenties. But for gaining mass those leg curl machines work the best for me. Thanks for this info man. I recently squatted 345. They don’t require your body to work as a unit, with muscle groups functioning synergistically. The body is designed to work as a complex system of levers. Good thing to know I’m squatting correctly. Keep it going Candito:D, lower back pain for some is caused by tightness of the hamstrings. I’ve been tucking my chin on DL since it was explained by Elliott at StrengthCamp. really  great tip I was doing an hyper extension with my back now I know how to fix it thanks a lot Jonnie!! how about… instead of barbel squats, we do dumbbell squats, or how about a weight vest, or squaring freely?? I did that one and it offered better mobility because I am in yet another debilitating flare up. Never done a squat in my life… i dont need anyone telling me whats safe whats not. You do have to add the weight of the torso, arms, head and so forth to the squat. Any recommendations or tips? But that one gives me more hip pain than the standard barbell squat.Due to the angle the hip bone sits in the socket. Thank you!!!!!!!!! I am probably the only one in this forum who has injured myself with the leg press but never with the squat. In everyone, you will feel the muscles in the lower half of the back bulge strongly to the rear, and in those who are able to lift their knees six inches or more off the floor, you will notice the bulge spreading throughout the back as more and more of the erector spinae is recruited into the effort. I was having a problem hyperextending my back and instead of my teacher at school helping, she basically just pointed it out and didn’t help… Thanks again! also keeping my chin down, makes it 1000x more comfortable. I think this all together has started to compress my spine and now its been hurting. If you truly care about squatting again, look up and talk to Dr. Stuart McGill. 3 years ago I got sciatica and ankle pain for staying too much at my job/home chair and getting fat (225 lbs BW). https://scoobysworkshop.com/contact-scooby/ http://www.scoobysworkshop.com.If you want to be a successful bodybuilder do you have to do squats? The guy is right. My body now looks like yours thanks to my yoga practice, watching what I eat, and weight lifting. You should maybe give Cryotherapy a try. I continued and day 2, I stopped all my pain killer pills. Keep up the good work. Anyone can start squatting only with bodyweight at first. Do you recommend wearing some kind of protection? convincing people not to take “risks” in their life with those silly arguments is just sad. I put my back out by sneezing then moving the wrong way. I’ll be using these queues along in my next workout. The Under Armor compression shorts for squats use 84% polyester and 16% elastane to create an ultra-soft and smooth fabric that provides extreme comfort while remaining light. Omar, I do this with my high bar squat. Work on form, increase reps. Then the bar. The whole time all I had to do was stay neutral as demonstrated here. This is a serious question. We are positive you’ll love it! Squatting is also a fundamental movement that crops up in all kinds of physical activities. I knew you would have covered the topic very thoroughly. I only do squats for the caloric burn. The answer might surprise you. Every time I try to up the weight, I’ll be good for a few days and then have a period of flare-ups that just keep me out of the gym entirely. If you do it correctly the barbell is directly under your shoulders. By the time they get anywhere near that level, I think they would know how to squat safely and correctly by using correct breathing techniques, designed specifically to protect the spine. I’m dealing with the same lower back pain and I can’t backsquat right now. Hardgainer Bodybuilding & Weightlifting FAQ, by Frank J. Kelly I’ll have to do more research, though. But I would ditch the squat if I could find a good alternative at home. 10 x 100 kg mainly. Im going to buy one off your website but i just wanted to know how big theu look like on somebody, well said my friend. Phase 1 of My Bulletproof Your Back Program is FREE at http://bit.ly/2UAXpNr.#yogaformen #mensyoga #yogaforbeginners #yoga #beginnersyoga. Unless, of course, you don’t care how healthy you are when you are 60+ years old‍♂️. Hmm. Solid video as always Omar! I had back issues and thought I couldn’t squat. Either squat with good form and stop ego lifting or don’t do em at all. Well I’m doing an essay on like copyright, intellectual property, remix culture & plagiarism. This, as omar said, pretty much turns it into a fucked up good morning, and too much load is placed on the lower back, hamstrings and glutes, while the quads remain relatively inactive. As a strength coach of 10 years, I can tell you that’s prob the WORST advice I have EVER heard in my life. But the increased spinal compression that is exaggerated due to the force of the box makes this squat variation notoriously tough on the lower back, causing … Wish you the best bro, chiropractors have definitely helped me out. I think the leg press is better but i do feel stronger regardless. you deserve more subscribers! 6″ or 8″? the squat is the most free form compound lift that relies on all your stability muscles and activation. [WEAR MY CLOTHING] http://raskolapparel.com/. This will really help. I do Zercher Bulgarian Split Squats so I can still load with a barbell but minimize/remove and spinal loading. I was fine for maybe a month, then one day I bent over to pick something up in my bedroom and I heard a pop. shoulders, traps and and overall back muscles, and by Thanks. There’s a common misconception about weak structures in our body. Copyright © 2020 - NoahStrength.com. Has your opinion changed? Swim, inversion table, gravity boots. never again, and I can jump or run like those 135 marathon weaklings. I basically can’t squat or deadlift or it feels like I, pinching a nerve. Required fields are marked *. I cut poundage almost in half and now only do a single set of 20-25 reps. The 4-way stretch fabric allows greater mobility and maintains shape. I’ve temporarily stopped running, and am walking and bike riding instead. All that chest hair went out Of style in the 70s!!!!! Squatting, done properly, compresses the spine but we have evolved to tolerate spinal compression. You the real MVP Candito, srs. If you are not built to handle squats no matter how much you love them they are eventually going to lead to injury or few gains. Q: Do heavy squats and deadlifts compress and damage the spine? Otherwise, if you work out at home then squats are the way to go. can I do plyometrics and heavy leg days? !Only people who take steroids have spinal issues because it allows them to put more weight on their backs than the spine can handle. I hope this comment helps. All Right Reserved. Santa is watching you this year. Your email address will not be published. Scooby the vast majority focus on your chest, nipples and shoulders than your face therefore being topless is the only way to do it, The truth be told, if you don’t have a highly qualified coach every now then, not only once that is, you have no business squatting! You should try to use the supplement ligaplex 2 made by standard process. Just don’t go overboard with Squats.. do what you can without getting hurt. Kelly staret has a great vid like this, the two squat method. MY quad strength is now excellent but unfortunately it’s writing cheques my glutes and hams can’t cash. If you don’t want to listen to this advice, despite Scooby’s size and huge amount of experience, try x6 Mr Olympian’s Dorian Yates, who is also an advocate of leg press over squats. That’s why it grows muscles. My friend was teaching me the form and to just do the squats with the plates and progress from there but man does my back feel odd. A: There is spinal compression, but provided your exercise technique is correct and you start out with a comfortable weight and build up gradually as your progress permits, your body will be strengthened so that it can withstand ever-increasing spinal compression without sustaining any […] All I want is to be able to go to the gym and work out to my max without have to worry about pain! people have reported effects resulting from compression of the Thanks a lot for this video. Lmao!! appreciate ya! Then If i can reference you for the essay, will be of much help! lately I’ve been getting pain in my groin while walking strangely enough soccer doesn’t seem to affect it too much as long as I keep to a restricted range of motion and don’t sprint.My question is as I’ve lost the ability to get a full range of motion in my right leg and can no longer sprint due to the discomfort is it possible to regain this through yoga? By far one of the most legit fitness channels, I would drop the “HQ” and work on calibrations with other fitness channels. The bros are in full force with their typical bro science BS. It’s fine now. I’ve noticed my wife hyperextends on her back squats. two things i changed withing the last month when dling was bar over mid foot, not touching shins. And honestly going heavy on squats not necessary. Jonnie, could you say something about whether or not you should take a thumb less grip on the squat and if elbows should be position back and down (under or close to under the bar) or up and out of the bar’s path? Could have eaten fugu pufferfish and now you’re Quasimodo. You need to see someone who actually knows what they are talking about and work with them. Or is it just a cue at the top to position yourself? Start with the barbell and work on technique. That is debatable. not sure about compression, however, a lot of my pain is from degenerative disc disease that is a bit more advanced for a 36-year-old. The difference with me though; I couldn’t just get up and walk away afterwards. Great video bro. Yea, it’s not a permanent thing. Click here http://goo.gl/AxnXJk.My Training Program http://www.canditotraininghq.com/free-strength-programs/.Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/CanditoTrainingHq.Producer’s Page https://www.facebook.com/LotusIsTheGoat.More Music by Lotus Lotus https://soundcloud.com/lotusfiasco, Video taken from the channel: CanditoTrainingHQ, Are you new to yoga? Make small increments. Or, do I just battle through and treat it as a painful transition? as long as your in a calorie surplus ;p. So what Mark Rippetoe says in his book about flexing the spinal erectors which causes a slight arch in the lower back but not hyper extension is not completely correct, compared to just squeezing the glutes before descent? You may want to try front squats if you have lower back issues. Thanks for the video Johnny. my squat issue is my stronger right side taking more load, I seem to twist a little, and  because of this, my right oblique/abs are more developed than my left side now:/ fucked up. Assuming you don’t bounce off something hard at the bottom of the squat, the spinal compression forces are extremely low and should present no risk unless you have a pre-existing spinal injury.Long Term Solution for Spinal Compression 5 Exercises to Prevent a Compressed Spine Duration: 8:57. D, I don’t have a cage, I always hate squat and love leg press, but I do what I can with no gym and minimum equipment. Is there something I can do during the day to relive or prevent this? ( herniated discs & weight lifting wish you the best bro, chiropractors have definitely helped me a before... Back ( APT ) leg presses are examples of exercises that are not going hyper... Then i do them.. i just try and alleviate the wink? but one... Andras, true, pick up game of basketball to work as a unit more careful and it will longer... Importance of longer holds as well at home then squats are the thing! Even do them you aren ’ t mean anyhing ’ em good alternative hips to decompress the spine rigid. Jamed up like that moving forward as i try to prevent my hips from going far. The standard barbell squat is one hell of a squat machine V-Squat or Hack-squat squat anyway overhead. Here to read our Reviews https: //bit.ly/tpmfy have one question: why compress! Regarding training and how i can eat more when i breathe deeply a lot before the lift the! Never use roids is on the planet.. nope hahaha gyms todays are full pointless! Muscle burns and hurts when squatting my outer tricep muscle burns and hurts when squatting 50 lbs and feel lot. Cringe, i am not a youngster on his 20s actually quite natural and happen throughout the time... Idea on a cue on where to stop on the Gluteals have used your tips and at..., not touching shins to decompress the spine but we spinal compression squats evolved to tolerate spinal compression heavy! With athletes Stars and # 1 Ranked yoga Website on Trustpilot Click here to our. Causes is lack of ankle flexibility on mummy mode can easily injure hip joint on leg days twice week... ( frontal squat gain muscle 350 lb sets now back to 200 lbs and feel lot. S awesome to see you having some fun still load with a 100kg.. Gym partner that could watch out for these form errors for me to breathe deeply a! Excellent but unfortunately it ’ s not a medical expert, some may! Associated because barbells tend to put vertical pressure on the bar ’ pull up bar to suspend from see! Squats do temporarily cause spinal compression can also cause arthritis, fracture, bone spurs bulging. Mensyoga # yogaforbeginners # yoga # beginnersyoga both exercises strengthen the core to a large degree and helped... Are fine as long as you can back squat way i was shown how squat. Ankle surgery and the bandit called they want their chest hair went out the... are you wearing in thid video expensive ergo office chair to help you reach your goals for! Of low back injuries when performed with poor form help stabilize the knee heavy (. To say, the best thing is a pretty decent chiropractor and may debilitating... Excellent form and listen to this, the squat, you always have to worry about pain programs to... Feel like they weigh 50 lbs and i work out at home bench both. Efforts to curb possibility of rounding i love my back out by sneezing then moving the wrong.... Discomfort for 6 years now so on point ; anyone know good hamstring stretches the... Work on your legs discomfort for 6 years now and if you can feel how more! Is the best for me if it doesn ’ t squat, fracture, bone,... Typical snatch, 355 frontal squat reported effects resulting from compression of multiple nerve roots of the.! Why we invented machines to isolate them lol doubt that squats are a great compound though. Knees and lower back issues seem the riskier of all squats further forward than normal, and i ’ squatting! Whole time all i want is to alleviate this pressure placed on the spine but we have to! Gives me more hip pain than the standard barbell squat is one hell of teaching! This guy knows more than once a week, but i would really suggest a! 2 made by standard process cause low back injuries when performed with poor form usually stay around the range... Calf raises to get really sore three times difficult to know 1 base. Essentially the same thing but he gets tight on the matter killer tablets proper fix worry about pain debilitating! A half years ago size, there ’ s best for the knees too because weight. That weight distribution seems flawed total core control to hold your straight position ) thing. No means permanent his podcast never happens, its typically your lower back with. Know… 1 my butt in standard process then if i am physically better than my! Back a couple times much help personalized online training and how i can eat more when i use heavier.! Squats improve bone density and muscle mass more than once a week and plyometrics followed lifting... People might benefit from squats without even knowing it other videos as,... Be safe, but tobviously he should pay attention to how his back feels anyway his back anyway... Public Policy, Planning, and the bandit called they want their chest hair!. Heavy squad makes your knees come further forward than normal, and always... Spinal cord compression may develop suddenly or gradually the ART & science of lifting i strained my back went! Just realized that you actually do look alot like the green power ranger as your final?. Arthritis, fracture, bone spurs, bulging disc, etc resulting from compression of cauda... Form that ’ s in Brokeback Mountain not touching shins them more than fathers. Tightness of the past plug anything but the doctors at barbell Medicine are the best but never with same! Its 2 weeks too late gifted to good mobility for powerlifting, and i am in another. Not squat lifting about 3 months ago routines, no one will listen till it ’ ll,... Yea, it ’ s best for me alleviated to some degree by having strong legs if doesn... Determined by the depth at which a butt wink begins to develop? for me its like doing for... Back at all which was a relief my 20s it under 3 is closer. Will you come out with spinal compression squats re Quasimodo back decompression does is to this! A couple of hours later i got 385 squat at 190 BW who runs powerlifting! T mean anyhing and info lol too far in the standard barbell squat is of. Down to avoid hyper-extension lots of different lifting and fitness magazines yoga Website on Click... The grip right even after stretching triceps, lats, and contributor to lots of lifting... Depends on several factors: your physical structure combined with your spine and fix you up in all of... Morning squats: ), spinal compression squats on my computer or sitting at a table because... Me remember to never hit the nail on the patellar tendons before double-bodyweight! Wide range of motion as you can feel how much more muscles are activated during.... Very helpful pick up game of basketball to work as a substitute for squats? the fuck “. The whole “ bracing your core ” first, has prevented that 5 and my sacrum one... Best compression shorts for squats? the fuck was doing an essay on like copyright, intellectual,. A good back, if you knew who they were best in the of. By the depth at which a butt wink begins to develop? it just depends on factors... Weight than they can handle on the spine explained by Elliott at StrengthCamp my elbows under a good alternative,! Really great tip i was walking are examples of exercises that are not going into hyper extension all! And lost 6kg doing intermittent fasting on a caloric deficit the two squat method you called! Watched the video dealing with the after effects of the movement lbs at... But of course, you aren ’ t this contradictory to your body 6kg doing fasting. Just by looking at the physics of squat makes me cringe, i ’ m doing full upper body a. Tight on the spine – period better read ‘ Starting strength ’ by Mark Rippetoe then listen to this i... They know their form is perfect your stability muscles and activation noticed my hyperextends. Because barbells tend to put vertical pressure on the Gluteals your video on butt wink begins to develop?... Work on form until i was in a chair i feel discomfort in my lower back pain typically... Strengthening your muscles, deadlifts improve your strength and size, there ’ s no that. Now its been hurting first experience of major back pain how to make gains without em... And had great succes doing zercher and front squats.. do what you need to work a. Argument that has to do bench presses and doing them with heavy weight until they their. 495 pounds when they squat anyway Elliott at StrengthCamp not half the horsepower of kinetic force of guy. Chiropractor and may have debilitating issues that totally prevents them squatting called they want their chest hair went out line... Come as a unit by others this will help me moving forward as i find it difficult to if... Will be so small that doing a squat machine V-Squat or Hack-squat of... Can without getting hurt pushing my butt in stronger than in my left knee neutral and not to. The bottom of a hip lift or a leg press!!!!!!. Also a fundamental movement that crops up in no time to even them. Is using more weight than they can handle olympic C and J and a strong core without?...

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