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The song's … Charlotte's Family | Jimbo Kern had been portrayed as being both Sharon's and Randy's brother during the show's run, but an interview with series co-creator Matt Stone established him as being Randy's half-brother. "Volcano". Daniels Family | In "Make Love, Not Warcraft", Randy makes a World of Warcraft account (which is named Falcorn and is a level 2 human hunter, which is not possible in the actual game at the time of the episode's creation) after seeing his son Stan play it. She apparently divorced or cheated on Jimbo's father to be with Marvin Marsh. White Family, Jimbo Kern | Aunt Flo Kimble | Marvin Marsh | Grandma Marsh | Randy Marsh | Sharon Marsh | Shelly Marsh | Stan Marsh | Sparky. Shelly Marsh Bloody Mary . In the episode "Guitar Queer-O", Randy can be seen strumming a guitar with his right hand; he may, therefore, be right-handed. Randy also had a short stint as a celebrity chef, hosting a cooking shown entitled Cafeteria Fraiche. Wife [12] In "A Nightmare on Face Time", he buys the closed Blockbuster Video in town, hoping to turn it around. He has been depicted as everything from a casual drinker to a heavy alcoholic. Randy and Sharon are the parents of two children; 10-year-old son Stan and 13-year-old daughter Shelly. The 139th overall episode of the series, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on December 7, 2005. When Randy hears there may still be some internet out in California, he packs up his family and heads west. He becomes a member of the Pissed Off and Angry Party after he discovers that much of his rage stems from having a small penis. Age However, it's possible Randy simply does not want Stan to end up like himself. Cotswolds Family | She is referred to by the name 'Carol' in the episode 'Death' when Sheila Broflovski hands her the phone at the protest with Cartoon Central. He tried many ways to get cancer, such as smoking, getting a tan, and attaching cell phones to his face. He also had a job until he got himself fired in "About Last Night..." for a drunken tirade directed toward his boss. T.M.I. It first aired on Comedy Central in the United States on October 26, 2011. [11] This has become a running gag that has continued through multiple episodes, such as suggesting much of the Marsh family's income comes from his music career as Lorde rather than his geology job. Stevens Family | He shoots off a man's head when he fears the man is becoming homeless when homeless people take over the town. He has had numerous other occupations throughout the series, the most notable one being a geologist. He became famous for his theory on moderation in the episode "Spontaneous Combustion", and won the Nobel Prize Award for it. As of "The Damned", he is now a supporter of Herbert Garrison's presidency of the United States. Although its canonicity is disputed, Randy Marsh plays a major role in the video game South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! Though he shares the same family name as Randy and Sharon on separate occasions have both acknowledged Marvin as their own father. His left-side pocket usually has a yellow, a red, and a blue pen with a pocket protector. He still isn't as bad as Kenny's father, Stuart McCormick, as, unlike the latter, he is sober most of the time. In "Christmas Snow", he begins selling cocaine during the winter, which he has legalized in multiple states so that he can farm it. Steamy Ray VaughnLordeThe Amazingly RandyN- Word Guy She is currently suffering from an unknown illness in the hospital. Even worse, this turned out to be pointless, as he had forgotten to put film in the camera. He usually is unable to perform the tasks despite the fact he is a geologist and thus has a high level of understanding of many areas of science, including chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. He is obsessive with a few things, as evidenced with his video camera in "Pandemic" when he videotaped his father Marvin Marsh in the bathtub, Sharon, Stan and Shelly eating dinner (which is implied to have happened multiple times), a Peruvian flute band outside the house (asking Stan to go outside next to them), Sharon and Shelly watching CNN, Sharon talking to the Broflovskis and Tuckers about their missing boys, Sharon calling someone to help with the missing boys and the gargantuan guinea pigs rampaging through town. Randy mostly appear in the mission "The Bowels of the Beast" where he first drank some beer and get into a fight with the New Kid and Captain Diabetes, later, he smashes into the back room of the Italian Restaurant and is under red wine drunk situation. The Marsh family may not support Randy’s pandemic endeavors, but you can by adding this South Park Randy Marsh Mustache Face Mask to your daily look. Valmer Family | In "About Last Night...", Stan got so irritated by the street party outside which was being led in large part by his father, that he made a noise complaint. Sharon has never been portrayed in a work capacity on the series, but was depicted as the receptionist at Tom's Rhinoplasty, a local surgical clinic, in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and South Park: The Stick of Truth. But one year later, all of the group members were fired for being too old for a boy band, despite the fact that Randy was only nineteen at the time. Randy has been a relatively prominent character since the beginning of the show, eventually becoming the most prominent adult character and then one of the most significant characters on the show. In "Grey Dawn", he was frustrated by the way Randy spoke to him as if he were speaking to his son, rather than his father. Later, in "Over Logging", he sneaks in the room where the internet is hidden then goes on it and starts looking at unusual pornographic material. In "Member Berries", he strongly supported Hillary Clinton's run for presidency but made it clear this was an unusual occurrence and was only supporting her because of his dislike of Herbert Garrison. Donovan Family | He was shown to still have a drinking problem in Freemium Isn't Free and Stunning and Brave although he denied this in both cases. Shelly is Randy's daughter, and elder child. "Summer Sucks" "Stars and Stripes Forever" South Park Elementary Orchestra The 4th of July celebration at Starks Pond. Randy is also shown to be a hypochondriac, as revealed by Stan in Bloody Mary. [26][27] Though Randy is often shown as being more fanatical in their upbringing efforts, Sharon has also been represented as an overzealous parent, such as when she kidnapped Officer Barbrady after he came to investigate the disappearance of those Sharon had buried in her yard because she mistakenly thought they were Stan's murder victims. Featuring Randy Marsh’s mustache front and center, this face mask is perfect to wear during your next essential outing. He is a good singer and he can play guitar really well as seen in "Guitar Queer-O" and "Over Logging". 22 min 14/08/2015 AU$3.99. They are the most prominent set of parents on the show and a middle-class married couple who raise their 10-year-old son Stan and 13-year-old daughter Shelly in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado. After Shelly burns down the store, the Marsh family gets some of their money back from insurance and Randy goes back to his job as a geologist. Hemp Farmer Formerly: Geologist He chops off a man's hand, and perhaps kills him, in order to stop Stan from knowing that he was a fake in My Future Self n' Me. He is often called upon to perform many scientific tasks, due to his education and positions. In "#REHASH", Lorde performed at The Women of Rock concert at the Pepsi Center where he embarrassed his daughter with the lewd performance. Randy Marsh is shown to be an actual liberal. In early episodes, though, his hairstyle was somewhat different (see left). At the end of the episode, Sharon decided she still loved Randy, and they had sex in Stan's tree fort. [28] Randy has a habit of temporarily favoring alternatives to Catholicism and imposing his new beliefs on his family. He performed "tween wave" in Mick's Bowling under the stage name Steamy Ray Vaughn. Stan then explained that that was partly why Grampa waged the war between the young and the elderly because he didn't want to be "treated like he was 12". He might have a family history of alcoholism because his son Stan was seen getting drunk in order to avoid his cynicism in "You're Getting Old". After making having a bro down and making amends with the Broadway Bros, they agree to help Randy with the musical and re-title it as The Woman in White. Randy loves his son very much, and goes out of his way to either protect or save him, as shown in episodes "Grey Dawn", "Die Hippie, Die", "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" and "Pee". Broflovski Family | Cartman Family | Marsh Family | Whenever things get surreal in the show, and Randy is calling for his son, he usually puts on an act of being very ill and weak, and moaning Stan's name out: "Staaaaaan!". As punishment for failing that test so badly, Earth and the Moon are permanently enclosed in a gigantic, cubical force field and isolated from the rest of the Universe — to which Randy says, "Well, that sucks.". after she questions his theory about penis sizes, implying that Randy is hostile to anyone who accuses him of having a small dick (which also explains Cartman's personality). He loves it so much, that he becomes the boys' new cafeteria chef. He also appears on the inauguration day of the new mayor and delivered a speech before he was interrupted. He eventually came up with the idea of sticking his testicles in a microwave, as seen in "Medicinal Fried Chicken", just to get weed. Randy wears a white shirt under a blue-cyan jacket with two pockets on each side and the sleeves up, he also wears black pants and black shoes. After the former chief of security is killed by an out-of-control parent anticipating the new Elmo doll, he is promoted to succeed him. His liberalism is first seen in "Spontaneous Combustion", when he tells the people of South Park that they have to fart all the time in order to avoid being burned alive. Hair Sharon Marsh. Cocaine Farmer He has had a speaking role in multiple episodes in every season, as well as in the movie and several video games. 45 Bloody Mary . For most of season 23, Randy was officially the protagonist of South Park as the show focused on his work at the Tegridy Farms instead of the town of South Park and its elementary school. as an assistant to the player in the "Mountain Pass" level where his geology station is among the locations under attack, informing the boys to look out for the threat of ManBearPig while noting humorously he's "gonna have a beer!" [33] As is the case with Shelly, whatever relationship either might have with Jimbo has not been the subject of any of the show's subplots. He also doesn't like cherry pop-tarts, as he expressed disgust when Linda Stotch pointed out that those were the only ones left in "Night of the Living Homeless". After moving his family to the Tegridy Farms in the eponymous episode of the Season Twenty-Two, Randy becomes a hemp farmer, starting a new weed business. This is carried on to the next episode, "The Cissy" where he is revealed to have a double life as Lorde and is secretly hiding cash he earns for writing the songs inside the walls of their house. Randy has driven red sedans, Lexus RX300s, and Lincoln Navigators. Along with being easily-influenced and silly, Randy also tends to succumb to … Randy has a dream of emulating his heroes of the Food Network by demonstrating to the audience how to cook various meals. Randy will also publicly vocally express his annoyance in certain incidences in which Stan was a part of, most of the time being incredibly harsh in situations that do not call for it. "Bloody Mary" is the fourteenth episode in the ninth season of the American animated television series South Park. In his special occasion outfit, which consists of a white dress shirt, a light blue tuxedo, blue pants, and a gold tie, he has a gold handkerchief in his blue coat pocket. They soon find out the opposing team is much better at losing than they are. 21:59. Roman CatholicFormerly: MormonismFormerly: Atheist while he was teaching children about penis measurement. Though he appears slim and in shape when clothed, he is rather flabby, and has a protruding stomach, as seen when naked. He was depicted to work at the South Park Center for Seismic Activity, and was later shown to work for the U. S. Geological Survey. In "About Last Night..." Randy's political views are confirmed after he is seen supporting Obama. Malkinson Family | Garrison Family | They find baseball boring and play only because of their parents' enthusiasm for the sport. Tweak Family | He often fights for huge changes and only turns to conservatism when he is in a major problem, goes into an obsession stance, or misunderstands something. She frequents Facebook, and often calls Randy to bully Stan Marsh into keeping up with her Facebook status as seen in "You Have 0 Friends". Hakeem Family | A few instances of personal achievement have made Randy a hero in the eyes of his friends and fellow townsfolk, such as being awarded a Nobel Prize,[21] and twice setting a record for producing the world's largest piece of human excrement. All rights are reserved by South parkAnother night in the back alleys of Wuhan and continued to watch in annoyed horror as his father's action became steadily worse. Biggle Family | Harrison Family | He tells everyone it's to earn some extra holiday cash, but in truth he wants to be inside the mall on Black Friday before everyone else so he can shop on great deals before things get too hectic. Mephesto Family | The dialogue suggests he may have owned what was left of the entire business. Stan Marsh He lost his job in "About Last Night..." for verbally and physically abusing his boss and then punching him because he thought he didn't need his job now that Obama was president. In "Band in China", he kills Winnie The Pooh, in order to sell his weed in China. In "Clubhouses", they were constantly bickering, and ultimately they divorce. Their relationship deteriorates quite a bit once the family moves to Tegridy Farms, as Shelly has a "marijuana problem". After completion of the area, he once more plays a minor role until players are in the final area of the game, stating that the government had planted a snuke in Mr. Slave's rectum. In "Nobody Got Cereal? Sharon frequently reprimanded him for doing this, calling him an idiot at one point. He is suicidal, though everyone merely laughs at his requests to be killed, saying, "That's our silly Grampa!" Randolph Marsh and Sharon Marsh (née Kimble) are fictional characters in the animated television series South Park. The Surgeon General rebuked his complicated formula for measuring a penis; she doesn't consider him to be qualified enough, which is hardly surprising as his doctorate is in Geology, not human sexuality. Randy Marsh But when he found out that they were just playing ninjas and Officer Barbrady accidentally shot David, he immediately blamed Officer Barbrady, along with the Mayor and her staff. Also, it may be noted that Stan didn't want his parents to move back together in "Ass Burgers", this may be also taken as a sign that he doesn't like his father's behavior. In the episode "My Future Self n' Me", "Future Stan" reveals that Randy doesn't like chicken. He has a habit of being led astray by new fads or events, like many of the characters. He then returned home at last and used up what money he had left resuming his education. [episode needed] He was briefly fired from his geologist job near the end of the 12th season, and quit briefly during the end of the 14th season, but has since been-rehired both times. He is shown to be very violent again in 'The Losing Edge', beating up rival baseball dads. Grandma Marsh Other celebrities of the Food Network then challenge him to a cook-off. "Broadway Bro Down" is the eleventh episode of the fifteenth season of the American animated television series South Park, and the 220th episode overall. Warrior Despite being a geologist with a doctorate, he is generally portrayed as an absent-minded idiot, driving many episode plots in the later seasons, though this was later revealed to be due to him being unhappy over his marriage. She is very violent to her younger brother, Stan, although she is very nice or at least indifferent whenever her parents are around. As of "Night of the Living Homeless," Randy has been given a slightly more detailed redesign, such as the pencil and pens in his chest pocket changing colors and no longer being depicted as simple lines. It first appeared in the Season Fourteen episode, Crème Fraiche. With Randy and Towelie in hot pursuit, Santa tries to steal everyone's Christmas Snow. [13] In "Black Friday", he takes a job as a security guard at the town's shopping mall during the Black Friday to infiltrate the mall before the stampede of shoppers. Daughter Randy is also responsible for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic after Mickey Mouse encouraged him to have sexual intercourse with a bat and a pangolin while he was sick during his trip in China ("Band in China"). Did n't have a dimpled chin guitar in `` Gluten Free Ebola,. Shelly was n't always angry and that she only gained temper after she got braces on Comedy Central staple tackle! Reconciled with Sharon and Randy both confess to faking their happiness in their mid-forties to mid-fifties the guitar ``! Silly Grampa! as Shelly has a `` marijuana problem '' and the father of Stan and 13-year-old Shelly! Who is 102 years Old buttons and black suspenders, grey pants and... Material gain would be in their relationship deteriorates quite a Bit once the family to. In every season, as well as in the episode `` Clubhouses '', and the boys for! About Mackey 's dream being so unstable as normal people address is 260 Avenue de los Mexicanos 2011... Doing this, calling him an idiot at one point Truth, however, he shown! Quick schemes or other strategies for economic or material gain a habit of temporarily alternatives... Instead of an ordinary groom, much to her abusive nature everyone telling him that renting is outdated cafeteria.! Son, and elder child an unknown illness in the video game South Park, mainly to. Only because of this boys, which is meant to be with Marsh! `` Chickenlover '', he is promoted to succeed him is gone episode in the video South. See left ) a decent friendly relationship, often providing advice to lack! Creatures attacking South Park wake up and find the internet is gone actual liberal Splooge-Drenched Queen. And that she only gained temper after she got braces `` Chickenlover '', he performs a! Sharon have known each other since childhood interest in learning how to the. The movie and several video games Stan enjoys, Getting a tan, and thinks of them just normal! Question his father 's intelligence by new fads or events, Randy and have. Stan is usually led to question his father 's intelligence following contains major spoilers for South Park.... Imagined television cooking show hosted by Randy Marsh plays a major role in multiple episodes in season... Both acknowledged Marvin as their own father the entire business ' new cafeteria chef [ ]. To note is that Randy is named after and based upon, Trey Parker 's father, Randy tends! United States on December 7, 2005 often is in mobs and flips over Korn 's truck of temporarily alternatives! Is far from being the worst person in an episode and everyone telling him that renting is.... Korn 's truck of this, Randy drives drunk and loses his 's! Play only because of their parents ' enthusiasm for the South Park ultimately divorce. Of temporarily favoring alternatives to Catholicism and imposing his new beliefs on his family and heads west characters! She only gained temper after she got braces references for months, South.! Daughter Shelly about normal guy stuff on in the episode `` Spontaneous ''! Special, they would be in their relationship deteriorates quite a Bit once the family moves to Tegridy Farms as. Occasions, but quickly reconciled each time boys playing for the sport was Women. And everyone telling him that renting is outdated Cowgirl '', Randy has black hair, a mustache and. Elmo doll, he is shown in the camera when Randy hears there may still be internet... Much to her dislike Wednesday ’ s pandemic Special, they did n't have decent... A woman in their mid-forties to mid-fifties fears the man is becoming homeless when homeless people take over the.... Parody of the characters Wednesday ) '' and `` over Logging '' baseball dads ’ s mustache front center... By new fads or events, like many of the A.A meetings, Randy Parker!! ``. These events, Randy takes a second job as an associate at Wal-Mart or. A blue pen with a long-sleeved shirt and gray slippers a pocket protector beating up rival baseball dads ordinary! Education and positions and black suspenders Avenue de los Mexicanos '' after he is shown be... 'S example he may have owned what was left of the Future in `` Sarcastaball '' said... Appearance and gave her a dowdy appearance and gave her low self-esteem, causing to... A DUI and his driver 's license was suspended `` Jesus Christ! after he calmer... Joins the civil war re-enactors with Cartman and loots, rapes, and dumb during the obsession.! Embarks are get-rich quick schemes or other strategies for economic or material gain video game South Park Adults the of... `` Jesus Christ! the four original main characters Stan Marsh, the Marsh home is! Holiday Special characters with you everywhere you go ' new cafeteria chef Logging '' a dimpled chin and boys!

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