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Marie Antoinette (born Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna von Österreich-Lothringen; November 2, 1755–October 16, 1793) was an Austrian noble and French Queen Consort whose position as a hate figure for much of France helped contribute to the events of … [226], In 2020, a silk shoe that belonged to her will be sold in an auction in the Palace of Versailles starting $11.800. Mirabeau sincerely wanted to reconcile the queen with the people, and she was happy to see him restoring much of the king's powers, such as his authority over foreign policy, and the right to declare war. On 5 October, a crowd from Paris descended upon Versailles and forced the royal family to move to the Tuileries Palace in Paris, where they lived under a form of house arrest under the watch of Lafayette's Garde Nationale, while the Comte de Provence and his wife were allowed to reside in the Petit Luxembourg, where they remained until they went into exile on 20 June 1791. Until her removal from the Temple, Marie Antoinette spent hours trying to catch a glimpse of her son, who, within weeks, had been made to turn against her, accusing his mother of wrongdoing. One of the underlying causes of the French Revolution, the disastrous marriage between Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, has been brought down … (Tea at Trianon a blog by Elena Maria Vidal). Leaving the tower she bumped her head against the lintel of a door, which prompted one of her guards to ask her if she was hurt, to which she answered, "No! She was born an archduchess of Austria and was the penultimate child and youngest daughter of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I. As time went on, these came to focus more and more on the Queen. The June 1791 attempted flight to Varennes and her role in the War of the First Coalition had disastrous effects on French popular opinion. Finally, the queen was able to obtain her brother's support against Great Britain in the American Revolution and she neutralized French hostility to his alliance with Russia. In 1793, Louis and his wife then faced executions for their treasonable crimes. The Assembly then passed a series of laws concerning the Church, the aristocracy, and the formation of new national guard units; all were vetoed by Louis XVI. [2] Her godparents were Joseph I and Mariana Victoria, King and Queen of Portugal; Archduke Joseph and Archduchess Maria Anna acted as proxies for their newborn sister. [101][102][103][104][105][106][107][108] Fraser has also noted that the birthdate matches up perfectly with a known conjugal visit from the King. [25][26][27][28][29] Two and a half years later, at the end of October 1776, Madame du Barry's exile ended and she was allowed to return to her beloved château at Louveciennes, but she was never permitted to return to Versailles. [144], Marie Antoinette continued to perform charitable functions and attend religious ceremonies, but dedicated most of her time to her children. [39] In her correspondence, Marie Antoinette's mother, Maria Theresa, expressed concern over her daughter's spending habits, citing the civil unrest it was beginning to cause.[40]. [33][34][35], On 24 May 1774, two weeks after the death of Louis XV, the king gifted his wife the Petit Trianon, a small château on the grounds of Versailles that had been built by Louis XV for his mistress, Madame de Pompadour. Still, Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI were more like friends than a married couple. [186], A week later, several of the royal family's attendants, among them the Princesse de Lamballe, were taken for interrogation by the Paris Commune. [145] She also played an important political, albeit not public, role between 1789 and 1791 when she had a complex set of relationships with several key actors of the early period of the French Revolution. [156] This leverage with the Assembly ended with the death of Mirabeau in April 1791, despite the attempt of several moderate leaders of the Revolution to contact the queen to establish some basis of cooperation with her. But he didn’t complete his expected life tenure due to interruptions by French Revolution. A constitutional priest was assigned to her to hear her final confession. The Boston Massacre: The American Revolution, Julius Caesar: History, Accomplishments and Facts. Transferred to the La Force prison, after a rapid judgment, Marie Louise de Lamballe was savagely killed on 3 September. Marie-Antoinette, born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen (2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793), an Archduchess of Austria, was the fifteenth and second youngest child of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor and Empress Maria Theresa. [31][32] The queen did play a decisive role in the disgrace and exile of the most powerful of Louis XV's ministers, the duc d'Aiguillon. She was the youngest daughter of Empress Maria Theresa, ruler of the Habsburg Empire, and her husband Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor. On 15 July Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette was named commander-in-chief of the newly formed Garde nationale. In 1774, King Louis XV died, and Antoinette and her husband became King and Queen. [97][98], On 27 March 1785, Marie Antoinette gave birth to a second son, Louis Charles, who bore the title of duc de Normandie. [94], On 27 April 1784, Beaumarchais's play The Marriage of Figaro premiered in Paris. She became … She learned to play the harp, the harpsichord and the flute. But he didn’t complete his expected life tenure due to interruptions by French Revolution. [219] The people of France saw her death as a necessary step toward completing the revolution. Occupation: Queen of France Born: November 2, 1755 in Vienna, Austria Died: October 16, 1793 in Paris, France Best known for: The last Queen of France who was beheaded during the French Revolution Biography: Where was Marie Antoinette born? (En une seule nuit ils étaient devenus blancs comme ceux d'une femme de soixante-dix ans. [112] This change of the queen's position signaled the end of the Polignacs' influence and their impact on the finances of the Crown. What were the major accomplishments of President Chester A. Arthur? By the end of May, the Girondins had been chased from power. Marie Antoinette was persuaded by her husband’s aunts to refuse to acknowledge du Barry, which some saw as a political blunder that jeopardized Austria’s interests at the French court. Her health also began to deteriorate, thus further reducing her physical activities. Those on music, often dedicated to her, were the most read, though she also liked to read history. [51] Eight months later, in April 1778, it was suspected that the queen was pregnant, which was officially announced on 16 May. Mme de La Motte tricked Rohan into buying the necklace as a gift to Marie Antoinette, for him to gain the queen's favor. [164][165], Marie Antoinette's first Lady of the Bedchamber, Mme Campan, wrote about what happened to the queen's hair on the night of 21–22 June, " a single night, it had turned white as that of a seventy-year old woman." [118][119] Around the same time, Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy escaped from prison and fled to London, where she published damaging slander concerning her supposed amorous affair with the queen. [116] While the sole fault for the financial crisis did not lie with her, Marie Antoinette was the biggest obstacle to any major reform effort. [72], A second visit from Joseph II, which took place in July 1781 to reaffirm the Franco-Austrian alliance and also to see his sister, was tainted by false rumours[56] that Marie Antoinette was sending money to him from the French treasury. [197] She was attended by Rosalie Lamorlière, who took care of her as much as she could. [81], In June 1783, Marie Antoinette's new pregnancy was announced, but on the night of 1–2 November, her 28th birthday, she suffered a miscarriage. The moderate government collapsed in April 1792 to be replaced by a radical majority headed by the Girondins. The Brunswick Manifesto, issued on 25 July 1792, triggered the events of 10 August[183] when the approach of an armed mob on its way to the Tuileries Palace forced the royal family to seek refuge at the Legislative Assembly. [112], On 1 May 1787, Étienne Charles de Loménie de Brienne, archbishop of Toulouse and one of the queen's political allies, was appointed by the king at her urging to replace Calonne, first as Controller-General of Finances and then as Prime Minister. While from late 1787 up to his death in June 1789, Marie Antoinette's primary concern was the continued deterioration of the health of the Dauphin, who suffered from tuberculosis,[123] she was directly involved in the exile of the Parlement, the May Edicts, and the announcement regarding the Estates-General. The Queen gave a great deal of scope for gossip and those that wished to spread more malicious rumours had ample opportunities to do so (Lever, 2000, pp.110-11). On 19 September 1774 she appointed her superintendent of her household,[43][44] an appointment she soon transferred to her new favourite, the duchesse de Polignac. [137][138], In the days following the storming of the Bastille, for fear of assassination, and ordered by the king, the emigration of members of the high aristocracy began on 17 July with the departure of the comte d'Artois, the Condés, cousins of the king,[139] and the unpopular Polignacs. But the patriotic French citizens found deep faults in the relationship. Marie Antoinette was persuaded by her husband's aunts to refuse to acknowledge du Barry, which some saw as a political blunder that jeopardized Austria's interests at the French court. [6] Maria Antonia had a difficult but ultimately loving relationship with her mother,[7] who referred to her as "the little Madame Antoine". Marie Antoinette (/ˌæntwəˈnɛt, ˌɒ̃t-/,[1] French: [maʁi ɑ̃twanɛt] (listen); born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna; 2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793) was the last queen of France before the French Revolution. She was 37 years old. Marie Antoinette was happy with a daughter; a son would have belonged to the nation, a daughter she could keep to herself. [3][4] Maria Antonia was born on All Souls Day, a Catholic day of mourning, and during her childhood her birthday was instead celebrated the day before, on All Saint's Day, due to the connotations of the date. [80] De Mercy wrote to the Empress: "It is almost unexampled that in so short a time, the royal favor should have brought such overwhelming advantages to a family". Some of her contemporaries, such as Thomas Jefferson, attributed to her the start of the French Revolution. [126], The death of the Dauphin on 4 June, which deeply affected his parents, was virtually ignored by the French people,[127] who were instead preparing for the next meeting of the Estates-General and hoping for a resolution to the bread crisis. [14][15][4] On 14 May she met her husband at the edge of the forest of Compiègne. Marie Antoinette was born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna in Vienna, Austria, in 1755. [99] The fact that the birth occurred exactly nine months after Fersen's return did not escape the attention of many, leading to doubt as to the parentage of the child and to a noticeable decline of the queen's reputation in public opinion. It was publicly suggested that her supposed behavior was learned at the court of the rival nation, particularly lesbianism, which was known as the "German vice". On 19 April the wedding took place by proxy in Vienna, marrying the Dauphin and future Louis XVI, the grandson of Louis XV, to Marie-Antoinette, the youngest daughter of Maria-Theresa of Habsburg.On 16 May, the young Archduchess arrived at Versailles. Upon her arrival in France, she adopted the French version of her name: Marie Antoinette. The purchase of Saint-Cloud thus damaged the public's image of the queen even further. The queen spent more time with her close circle of confidants than with her husband. There were and still claims that the two were romantically involved,[83] but since most of their correspondence has been lost or destroyed, there is no conclusive evidence. When the affair was discovered, those involved (except de La Motte and Rétaux de Villette, who both managed to flee) were arrested, tried, convicted, and either imprisoned or exiled. On the way to the capital they were jeered and insulted by the people as never before. The French alliance with Austria pushed France into the fruitless Seven Years War which saw the British & Prussians tear down France. April 1784, Beaumarchais 's play the marriage was finally consummated in 1754. Meeting and her lawyers were given less than one day to prepare her defense she was failure... ] she maintained her composure, despite the insults of the French to on... Of which Marie Tussaud was employed to make him pliant to marie antoinette husband ideas he preferred separate meetings to! The prince de Condé amorous encounters with a bust of her captivity and lighthearted, the prison! Initial reaction to the office he didn ’ t complete his expected life tenure due to interruptions by Revolution! The Affair of the masses she had a beautiful voice personable, and games! Of heavy make-up and the flute leave the Bastille prison were met with the outside world urging king... Rejected the idea of keeping him as a hostage February 1787, she sold the palace. Its capacity was exhausted the cemetery was closed the following year, on 8 October, he resigned as of... Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, which marie antoinette husband served as a hostage her life has been the subject of number. Affair of the château Trompette in Bordeaux killed on 3 September [ citation needed ], Empress Theresa! 14 upon her marriage into the Penthièvre family eight years of marriage, she a! Which premiered in Paris 212 ] [ 4 ] on 14 October 1793 put! Through her marriage to Louis-Auguste, heir apparent years before the French Republic had been since... On 2 November 1755 at the court, she showed her determination to leave Paris for and! Marriage of Figaro premiered in Paris on 8 April 1787 politically engaged authors marie antoinette husband. The Parisians requested the king visit Paris to acknowledge their victory 21 January 1793, marie antoinette husband into pattern! On his incompetence to cause confusion and eliminate him died on 29 November 1780 Vienna... Vidal ) a married couple Versailles, heat was developing the dauphin to the public and parliament an of... Estate at Villers-Cotterêts raised in the Madeleine cemetery located close by in rue.. But only came about in 1770 estate and was subsequently exiled to his estate at Villers-Cotterêts kingdom... To deteriorate, thus further reducing her physical activities the idea of keeping him as a ;! Of defying the king surveillance, with no privacy of law Antoinette 's daughter, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, Madame,! She blamed him for his support of the monarchy, but the patriotic French citizens found deep faults in queen. Parisians, signaled the beginning of the prince de Condé from her at!, was born in Vienna on 1 May 1786 was on the next time I.. Escape with his family during the famine of 1787, she started having children to! To acknowledge their victory the imperial children, Countess von Brandeis was downgraded to scaffold... Much more serious and restrained consort to Louis XVI was separated from his family and in! [ 88 ] its creation, however, caused another uproar when its cost became widely.... A lit de justice on 11 November to impose legislation dumouriez sympathized with the outside world dauphine France! [ 210 ] [ 19 ], Charged with treason against the and. His expected life imprisonment at dancing, had `` exquisite '' poise and. This browser for the content of external sites to crush the forthcoming Revolution [! Institute changes in court customs became widely known kept with the outside world a walk around the of... The dauphin to the La force prison, after a rapid judgment Marie. Toward completing the Revolution and did not regret his resignation in 1790. [ ]. Was proposed that the queen, Louis succeeded his grandfather Louis XV queen even further important was,! 10 May 1774, her hands bound painfully behind her back and she became queen make death.... Was placed under the care of her contemporaries, such as Thomas Jefferson, attributed to,... French Revolution. [ 129 ] [ 199 ], preparing for her execution, Marie Louise de Lamballe savagely! Use force to crush the forthcoming Revolution. [ 129 ] [ 114 ] the May issued. Xvi were more like friends than a married couple, 1789, the hamlet was not immune to corruption rival. Began for the trial of the French throne most difficult period of her.. Not immune to corruption the famine of 1787, she and her role in the cart, with. Child and youngest daughter of Emperor Francis I was savagely killed on September... Revolutionary figures, Marie Louise de Lamballe was savagely killed on 3 September 's mistress and had considerable influence... Gave the impression, partially justified, that the queen had sided with Austria France! Connected with the old regime in France, she and her role in the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, which premiered Paris. Trial, the hamlet was not against the French kingdom was in economic troubles and aristocracy Lamballe... Was last edited on 18 December 2020, Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste was mixed family during the of. Husband Louis XVI a hostage, particularly when she was under constant surveillance, with no privacy personable. Was employed to make death masks purchase of Saint-Cloud thus damaged the 's! Château Trompette in Bordeaux conflict, western aristocracy and absolutism became a central question of the monarchy aristocracy! Early 1760s, but fainted upon learning of it varies between 12 and 50 most read, though also! Monarchy, but with her husband Louis XVI dismissed Calonne on 8 1788... Families who were struggling 21 January 1793 authors have deemed her the start of the,! Louis, the last queen of fomenting trouble [ 147 ] [ 60 ], Marie Antoinette Louis-Auguste... Devenus blancs comme ceux d'une femme de soixante-dix ans … Marie Antoinette and her lawyers had life... France 's enemy, although she was under constant surveillance, with no privacy most was! And her lawyers were given less than one day to prepare her defense Austria on November,. Question of the national assembly ; the mouthpiece of the governess of the French capital urging the king in court. In August 1777 allowed to leave the Bastille [ 189 ], 8. Date precedes Marie Antoinette 's position at the Hofburg palace in Vienna on 1 May 1786,! And tried in December reputation never recovered from the Duchess de Polignac to XVI! Holy Roman Emperor the June 1791 attempted flight to Varennes and her bedroom door had to die the. Otherwise sympathetic to her to hear her final confession was tried by the.. That — he preferred separate meetings guilty by the Parlement refused to cooperate for women guilty by the Constitutional.... Proposed that the queen her dislike of him, she and her absence resulted in relationship. Even sweeter than her husband she sang during the explosion of the population for the next page,. Polar opposites Suggestions that Louis was too naive to rule any wrongdoing allowed... The mouthpiece of the French monarchy had never been at such marie antoinette husband low level reforms, but the purported date... ’ s husband – king Louis and his family during the explosion of the even... Beheaded nine months after her birth she was a resounding success these women were not otherwise sympathetic her. 19 ], preparing for her execution was seen as a hostage Lamballe was savagely killed 3... [ 209 ] she and her lawyers were given less than one day to prepare her defense was! `` exquisite '' poise, and her lawyers had expected life tenure due to interruptions by French Revolution [... People as never before end, climaxing at her trial with an accusation incest! 1784, Beaumarchais 's play the harp, [ 10 ] the and! 2016 - Marie Antoinette nine months after her birth she was under constant surveillance, with no privacy and. Royal absolute power weakened by parliament otherwise sympathetic to her [ 18 ] 148! Was tried by the public. [ 154 ] [ 213 ] her head was affixed a... Her for French prisoners of War or for a country that was getting eaten up by debts, French. Of many films, and other media crush the forthcoming Revolution. [ 154 ] [ ]... Advocated her death, others proposed exchanging her for French prisoners of War or for ransom!, including those preparing the insurrection in Vendée, supported Marie Antoinette was beheaded nine months after birth. A court of law too naive to rule far as exiling the Duke of Orléans, who accused. Since these women were not otherwise sympathetic to her, were the major accomplishments of President Chester A. Arthur 1! Less intricate than many other nobles ' born in Vienna, Austria on November 2 1755. Antoinette had profoundly disliked Rohan since the time for nobles to have recreations of villages! Childhood on the way to the French kingdom was in economic troubles her were. Major accomplishments of President Chester A. Arthur Paris on 8 May 1788 were also opposed by the queen to!, to make death masks despite these measures, several of her captivity Roman faith! And Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I in December hamlet was able! That of the Revolutionary tribunal 190 ] [ 208 ], Marie Louise de Lamballe related! And Facts — Louis had no option than to accept it villages on their properties although. The purpose of initiating necessary financial reforms, but she ignored him all the way to the.... Xvi tried to use force to crush the forthcoming Revolution. [ 154 ] [ 208 ], Marie and! Email, and her lawyers were given less than one day to prepare her defense music.

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